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Motorjoust <3

2013-07-05 04:32:16 by frootza

Bikes, Knights, Lances and square waves!

Go play Motorjoust!

Motorjoust is an action packed NES style racing game with a cool 8-bit soundtrack composed by this dude named frootza!

Being a part of this team was a really great experience. We all put a lot of love and care into making it. It is a game that I know we're all very proud of.

What are you waiting for? Go play!

frootza <3


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2013-07-11 13:39:29

Motorjoust is awesome, but I really suck at it! lol
I used to be awful at Excitebike until I figured out how to actually play it. These days, I guess I just got old and forgot the play-good formula.
Awesome contribution, bud!

frootza responds:

Thanks a lot Analog! Glad that you enjoyed it. Your latest track was awesome! Tom Fulpatron is my new jam! Excellent work! The whole gaming thing comes and goes! As long as you have fun, the developers are doing a good job I think.



2013-07-05 08:32:24

Hm... the thumbnail for your flash. With the "wanted one" I mean the one that the author uploads - like I said there is a bug and they get lost in the process. Sorry that I bothered you, I just wanted to help :/

frootza responds:

No need to be sorry, wasn't a bother at all. I just had no idea what you were referring too because your language used in your post was vague/confusing :)

If there is a bug in the entry, contact Mattster or Wingdemon. I believe they have admin priveleges for the game.


2013-07-05 06:14:57

Very nice! The icon bug is still there so I had to make one - feel free to send me the one you wanted and I will change it :)

frootza responds:

I never said I wanted "one". Actually, I have no idea what you are referring to and we've never spoken before, so I'm not sure what your comment is supposed to mean.