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Regarding Composition Instruction/Lessons

Posted by frootza - August 13th, 2018

Hey NG,


For Composition/FL Studio Workflow Lessons...

Send me a message, we have migrated to google hangouts, 30-60 minute blocks, explain what you want to learn and your availability and new students can get started.)


As you may know, in the past I was giving lessons via Skype for learning FL Studio workflow tricks and composition tricks for a wide variety of music composition subjects. When I returned from my slight hiatus, I had messages asking if I'm still doing this, and, I am, but I have migrated from Skpe to Google Hangouts. Skype does not go well with my current computer settings unfortunately. But it isn't the end! 

If, in the odd case you are interested in learning about a whirlwind of composition tactics that only the cats who snap their fingers after a tight set know, and want to learn step by step how I visualize the music I write, I have good news and bad news. 

The good news is, I do still teach, and will still teach, but the bad news is, my schedule is packed at the moment. 

If you are interested in lessons, which I can give in 30-60 minute blocks, feel free to message me here, though I will admit that I am often absent from Newgrounds. But, with the message, explain what you'd like to learn, and I'll use this to prepare a lesson plan for you. Additionally I will give you my direct contact, or at least something you can use to contact me more freely than a message on Newgrounds, and we can let the lessons commence. 

My apologies to those of you who messaged me and it took me so long to get back. I will certainly be back into the swing of things no pun intended. 


Comments (4)

showerthought: if u needed private lessons for using FL then you don't deserve to use it

You definitely could use some composition lessons there I0TA. But if you need private lessons to compose music then you don't deserve to compose I guess.

that's why im so awesome, i have no mentor, i am my own teacher.

Your works shows that you are in desperate need of a teacher/mentor :/ But whatever floats your boat!

Thankfully because of no mentor, I could be able to write shit that out of this world. ;)

Break the rules, pal.

Oh goodness. I'm sure you can break a lot of rules when you don't know your "breaking" a "rule" ;)

Learn to unlearn. Empty your cup, it seems full. Makes for a very messy tea party!

You seem to get far with the rule abiding, pal. I can see you are going place. Says, what is the latest commission you are working on?

Your music is so boring, it sounds like the rest of the shit made by poser boys playing pop. Except you have neither of the money and fame like them.

You are so pitiful. Ayy LMAO