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Hey Dieter, It's been a while! I loved making this piece with you man.

We have a rough spot, after Motorjoust and the Fishing Game with WolveGames... But All is good now, I would love to work with you and everyone again. Just settling up with some trauma at the moment. I'm going to watch this again as I haven't even seen it in so long!

It was sort of relaxing yet odd. Would look great animated but I think it needs some work. Pretty cool audio.

Very funny mate! Keep up the good work!!

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Very interesting game, incredibly slow and nice. I loved the concept!

I enjoyed this, but it is a bit too fast paced for me. Cool retro style and game mechanics/physics etc. You did great man! Keep it up.

Beware all!

This is one of the most addicting games ever made in the history of the Internet!

Unfortunately, I have my data saved on another Flash Gaming Website. However I must say that the author (playsaurus) is immensely talented for being able to create such a simple, fluid yet addicting game.

What's so nice is that it isn't overwhelming. You can sit back, and allow the gold to farm itself. I'm considering starting up a new game here at Newgrounds because it is just that fun and I'm here more often anyway so I might as well.

Excellent work all around!

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YES GRANT. I MEAN GABE.... I am pretty sure it's a song. I mean can I hear it? No. WAIT! Yes. I can. I'm goingn to favorite it. AND. Follow you. RIGHT MEOW. And whoever this ethansight guy is. What is this nonesense. Nevermind it's not a song. It's a planet.

You guys broke the rules. *angry*

I didn't really like the composition (don't take it personally) but the vocals and backing was HILARIOUS and accurate. Brilliant work *the crowd goes wild* (woof woof woof woof woof) You know what? The composition isn't THAT bad, following. Giving it a 4, and the composer is getting a follow too.

Very relaxing! Like wind, mixed with crunchy rocks falling down. Pulsing gently with great panning affects. In and out, in and out. And it loops reat! I definitely give this a 5/5 -Frootza Good job! Following/favoriting.

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I like this one Trois, mad props!

Frightening piece! My word!!

Cool though! I like the perspective.


I love this! Beautiful work.



cocolongo responds:

Thank you man.

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